So you’ve been invited to comment on a magazine, newspaper or online article?

Fantastic! Here’s how to make it an all-round success.


Make the most of the megaphone

  • Being quoted in the media gives you the chance to spread your message to a much wider audience than you could reach on your own.
  • It also boosts your profile and credibility.



  • We journalists and writers don’t have a choice about our tight deadlines and if we don’t hear from you quickly we have to move on.



  • The journalist will have their own questions but will also be interested to hear what key messages you want to mention.
  • Bring to mind the audience you’re talking to and what they need to hear.


Remember you’re just chatting

  • In most cases, simple conversational language is best. It means you’ll be more likely to be quoted directly, and the audience will find it easier to absorb your message.
  • Don’t use a technical term if a simpler one will do.


Stick to the point

  • What are the main messages you want to get across? What is the crux of the answer to the writer’s question? Leave out any waffle in between these two topics.


Be reliable

  • If the writer finds you helpful and reliable they will interview you for other stories and suggest you to their colleagues.


Don’t ask to see the story before it’s published

  • Most publications do not allow journalists to send draft stories to anyone before they’ve been published.
  • If there’s a particular point that’s open to misinterpretation, take the chance to explain it clearly in the interview.


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