Here’s what others say about working with me:

Louise Wedgwood is my go-to writer for anything about health, wellbeing or fitness. She pitches fresh and vibrant ideas, and files clear, concise copy. Hits her deadlines, and always friendly, helpful and responsive. She is an editor’s dream.

Steve Colquhoun, Commissioning Editor (formerly of Executive Traveller)

What stands out most about Louise as a health writer is her deep understanding of the subject matter…Her research skills are impeccable, and she has a talent for translating complex health and sustainability concepts into clear and accessible language…

Working with Louise has been a pleasure from the start. Her professionalism, reliability, and responsiveness make her a joy to collaborate with. She is always open to feedback and takes the time to understand the specific needs and goals of each project. What makes me happiest about working with Louise is her unwavering dedication to producing content of the highest quality. I can always trust that she will deliver work that exceeds my expectations and resonates with my audience on THE INARRA.

To anyone contemplating working with Louise, I would wholeheartedly recommend her services. Whether you’re looking for blog posts, articles, e-books, or website copy, Louise has the expertise and creativity to bring your vision to life. Her passion for health and sustainability shines through in her work, and her commitment to excellence is evident in every piece she produces. Working with Louise is not just an investment in content; it’s an investment in the success and credibility of your brand.

I went looking for writing help because, although I knew what I wanted to share, I did not have time to do all the writing, (who has!)Because of her focus on health and wellbeing, Louise was a great find.
Louise was easy to talk to and work with…The life of a consultant needs to be agile, but even when I was drawn away on other projects, Louise maintained our agreed delivery times without any fuss or follow-up.
If you are a consultant working in the health and wellbeing field, and you need time to focus on your clients instead of your social media, you would be smart to give Louise a call.

Elizabeth Kirk, Owner, BeyondErgo

When we are passionate about our work, it is often hard to put into words the message and / or essence that we ideally want to convey. Louise is exceptionally talented at listening and finding the words that we often can’t.

Scott Draper, Leadership consultant

“Louise is a regular contributor of articles to Australian Family and has specialised in writing about ways to enhance the emotional life of the family. Regular feedback from our readers say that they rate highly the style and tone of her writing, and the expert advice that she sources.”

Jennifer Kernahan, Editor, Australian Family Magazine

“Louise could always be relied upon to write well-researched health articles and meet deadlines while being pleasant and professional to work with. She has an informative writing style and can write about a broad range of topics – I highly recommend her for any future projects.”

Anji Bignell, (former) Editor, Australian Natural Health and Nourish magazines

“I keep coming back to Louise because of the quality of her writing and the professional, reliable way she delivers it.

I first contacted Louise to help me with my website and social media. Since then I’ve called on her time and again, for projects such as a series of engaging and thoroughly researched workshops for my corporate wellness clients and an ebook on nutrition.

It’s fantastic working with Louise because she helps me articulate my ideas and package them in a better way than I was previously able to. She asks questions that are good for my business and help me to focus.

With her eye on the big picture, her writing skills, and her extensive content knowledge in health as well as business management and communication, Louise has a skill set that not many other people have.

I strongly recommend Louise as a writer and business partner.”

Johnathon Herrington, Program Director, Project-Fit Wellness Partners

“Always articulate, engaging and right on message: somehow you manage to convey twice the meaning in half the words. I’ve never known a writer who can deliver complex information in such accessible ways. Always a pleasure working with you!”

Tamma Sorbello, Organisational Development Consultant, University of Queensland

“Your work reads so well, I can see why we hired you, it all sounds amazing! Many thanks for your quick turn around and professionalism. Will look forward to working with you again sometime.”

Tania Bell, Principal, Green Room Interiors

“Louise writes clearly and succinctly and has a way of saying things in a deceptively simple way that reaches her audience. She can demystify a complex concept for her readers without losing meaning or richness. Louise considers her audience and her client and makes sure she’s very clear on the desired outcomes before she starts to write. She delivers on time, every time.”

Jane Anderson, Principal HR Officer, Queensland Government

“Louise is a true whiz with the written word. Her copy is always thoroughly researched and written to cover all of the essential information with the perfect balance of friendliness, authority and flair.

Her copy is always turned in on time, and as well as coming up with new and interesting ideas, Louise is able to follow out-of-the-blue briefs to the tee.”

Lauren Monaghan, (former) Editor, Coles Baby & Toddler magazine and (former) Features Editor, Practical Parenting magazine

Louise Wedgwood has a gift for engaging and informing an audience in writing.  Her ability keeps them reading: invaluable in our time-poor society.If you have an important message to get across however find it a challenging feat to communicate it then Louise is just the support you need.

I recently engaged Louise to design and develop a workbook for a program I was facilitating.  My timelines were short and my needs very specific for a demanding client.  Feedback from the program participants and the client was excellent.

My experience of Louise was of a reliable professional with a respectful no-nonsense approach to guiding me to an outcome that initially I found difficult to articulate. Thank you Louise.

Denise Carew, Leadership Development Consultant

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