Content marketing and copy writing

I’d love to see your business achieve even better outcomes. I mostly work with medium-sized businesses in the allied health, medical, nutrition, fitness, and wellbeing industries.

  • Health promotion and education resources
  • Website copy
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Blog posts
  • Content marketing
  • Feature articles and newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Workshop and training design
  • Anything¬†requiring words (from the best “wash your hands” sign you’ve ever seen, to your annual Christmas letter)
When I can help

I can help you out if:

  • you’ve got a blank screen – I’ll research then¬†write what you need from scratch
  • you have some words but they’re not quite right – I’ll bring a fresh perspective.
  • you’re almost there – I’ll trim away the excess and polish your words til they gleam.

Look through my portfolio for examples of the quality and style of my writing.


When working with businesses, I calculate a fixed fee. There’ll be no surprises and I include up to two rounds of revisions (I’ve never needed more than one).

You and your team will achieve more by spending your time on the things you excel at, and letting me whip your words into shape for you.

Let me know what you need and I’ll create your proposal. Contact me if you have questions.