You achieve more, while I do the health writing

Perhaps you need to show your clients you can help them. Or you need to guide them to help themselves. You need a science-savvy health writer to let you get on with the rest of your job.

You want to be confident your wordsmith will “get” your readers, make an impact on them, and inspire them to action. If that’s true for you, then I can help.

Whether you need professional feature articles, web copy, blog posts, training resources or any other form of health writing, when you let me take writing jobs off your team’s hands they’ll be accurately researched and skillfully written.

While I’ve created a niche as one of few dedicated health writers in Brisbane, I also write widely on self-development, parenting, career progression and travel.


I bring professional writing + content knowledge

Your message will engage, inform and motivate when you hand the writing over to me.

The work I do with you benefits from my qualifications and experience in psychology, personal training, and coaching:

  • My 8 years’ experience in organisational psychology taught me what makes people tick.
  • My “passion project” working as a nutrition coach helped me understand how people successfully change their lifestyles.
  • Working in health science research and earning an honours degree means I recognise quality research when I see it.

I’m thrilled by the chance to translate recent research into digestible information and doable advice.

The quality of my writing has twice awarded a high commendation in the Excellence in Nutrition Journalism Awards by the Dietitians Association of Australia. The judges described it as “evidence-based, well written and practical” and “accurate and practical, with high public benefit“.


What can I help you achieve?

Let me know where I can lighten your load. I’d love to set you free to improve the health of Australians (or the world).

Get on with the things you love and are great at