I write about health; you achieve more

Whether you’re in the business of medicine, nutrition, fitness or wellbeing, I help you achieve more by providing well-researched, clear and compelling writing. I’m into feature writing, content marketing, and copywriting.

You can rely on me to deliver great writing, while you get on with the things you love and are great at.

I bring professional writing + content knowledge

By combining 5 years experience as a writer with my health sciences background, I’m perfectly placed to help you improve the health of your clients and readers.

It means that you won’t have to explain what a Cochrane review is or the dangers of dieting. In fact it’s my job to explain it even more clearly than you can – that’s the point of hiring a professional health and medical writer. You can get on with the things you love.

My writing is underpinned by thorough research yet it’s also clear and easy to read. My career has always been about understanding and influencing people.

In February 2015 I received a high commendation in the Dietitians Association of Australia Excellence in Nutrition Journalism Award. My article “was deemed by the judges to be of a very high standard – including being evidence-based, well written and practical.”

It’s a good thing I took a roundabout route to health writing

My early career experiences gave me smarts in research, fitness, and the health sciences – that I now use as a health writer.

Even as a young girl I loved to write, and heard I was good at it. But first I wandered into big organisations. It was comfortable there, and sometimes exciting, but eventually I said “It’s not you, it’s me.” These days I’m thrilled to use my natural writing talents as well as my health sciences background every day, and to help businesses that help other people.

I have qualifications in health sciences and business coaching

  • Bachelor of Psychological Science (First Class Honours), University of Queensland, Brisbane
  • Certificate IV in Workplace and Business Coaching, MWT Institute, Melbourne
  • Certificate IV in Fitness, FitNation, Brisbane

As a freelance writer, you talk directly to me

With big organisations like the University of Queensland and Queensland Government departments in the “previous” section of my CV, I now relish the freedom to be as responsive and flexible as you need me to be. You brief the person who does the work so you don’t have to repeat yourself and nothing is lost in translation.

I’m not the biggest business but I am one of the most professional and reliable writers with health industry expertise.

I’m Brisbane-based, available everywhere

Thanks to email we can work together here, there, or anywhere. Even if you’re in Brisbane, we don’t usually need to meet face-to-face unless you want to.

How can I help?

Let me know what you need a hand with. I’d love to take on your writing jobs and set you free to improve the wellbeing of Australia (or the world!)

Get on with the things you love and are great at